Simurg in English

Simurg Ricerche is an applied social and economic research company based in Livorno. We have a large experience working with public and private agencies, local governments, health and human service organizations, higher learning institutions, schools and more. Set up as a university spin-off company, Simurg Ricerche began in 1995 with the goal of supplying the needs of public bodies and local administrations which are keen to delve into the knowledge of their own local areas, thus improving their citizen’s lives. At a local level, we are deeply committed to creating observatories on governance, citizenship and social politics. In our view, these ‘watchdogs’ must use effective tools and permanent, well-trained staff for analysis, research, field debating.

Over the years we have pursued our vision by developing a set of ever-improving tools to answer local issues and meet communities’ needs. These tools are playing an important role in improving the performance of local government, thus increasing bureaucratic responsiveness to citizens’ queries.

Simurg Ricerche offers a broad range of services, from planning (town and country plans, urban renewal projects, economic and transportation plans) to research (market researches for business planning, community and not-for-profit sector, tourism and travel studies), assessments and evaluations (training assessments, econometric analysis, outcome evaluations) and more. Our record of providing timely and useable research results speaks for our capabilities in the fields of custom methodological design, project management, implementation, data collection, analysis and reporting, as well as using the most appropriate technologies (i.e. web applications and software, GIS tools). Our goal is to continue serving to expand our present areas of expertise and develop new and improved services for both public and private sector.